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Botanical Sketch (Color) / 植物素描紙膠帶(彩墨) - 4cm

NT$ 245.00

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:喵吉星 Miao Stelle

Botanical Sketch Washi Tape (Color)
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Japanese paper, release paper; 4cm wide, 10M long; 78cm loop
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Stick to the notebook, notebook computer, card decoration, and paste the envelope.
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Drawing method: pencil drawing
Material: Japanese paper, release paper
Dimensions: 4cm wide, 10M long; 78cm loop
Quantity: Single volume sold
Place of Origin: Taiwan
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Shipping dayEvery Monday and Thursday.
2. There is a slight difference between the color of display and the real product.(If you can accept this, you are buying this product.)

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植物スケッチのマスキングテープ() - Botanical Sketch (C)
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